Customer Success Stories

Deb was my agent 21 years ago when I came to Hudson and again recently when I left. Both times, it was a seller's market. When Deb found me this place, I fell in love with it almost immediately. I remember her telling me, the more you put down the more serious your offer looks. So my deposit was literally my down payment. Lo and behold, because of the size of my deposit, my offer was chosen over 5 others because the seller's agent said I was the strongest buyer. Everything went as smoothly as silk. I loved the place and still do. It was a very happy 21 years in Hudson. So when it came time for me to join my family in FL, it was a simple decision to again choose Deb as my agent. Unlike last time, we encountered a few bumps in the road. But with all her experience and with all the resources Verani Realty provides, she confidently navigated around the problems and got me 2 offers WAY over asking price. If you like results like that and a steady, confident and reassuring agent like I had, then all you need do is call Verani Realty and ask for Deb Ramalho.

Andrew T
12 Months ago

Deb took her time to explain the selling and buying process and helped us understand how the market works and how to be prepared to be 'in the game'. Her input was always valuable.

Myrlene V
14 Months ago

Rob and Deb were amazing throughout the entire home buying process. The housing market was crazier than ever this year with the pandemic. Rob and Deb went above and beyond for my fiancé and I. They were extremely patient, dedicated and welcoming! We are forever thankful for Deb and Rob and all of their help in making the dream of owning our first home come true!

Emily D
15 Months ago

Deb and Rob were instrumental in my fiancé and I’s success in obtaining our first home. They are both experienced, dedicated, and knowledgeable! We would gladly reach out to Rob and Deb again for our next real estate venture!

Matthew S
15 Months ago

Going through the “60 days to success” program with Debb was an excellent experience! I learned a lot through the program.  She was there every step of the way with guidance and advice. I highly recommend this program for anyone trying to better there knowledge and understanding of the tools we have along with the process and daily routines we implement in order to increase our success! 

Erick R
19 Months ago

The 60 days to Success course was the best thing I have done to help me build my business, my confidence,  and knowledge.  This 8 week course was so full of such great information.  It gave me the jump start I needed. The success of this program was all thanks to Deb Sutton - Ramalho.Deb took the time to not only meet with the class weekly but with us individually to check in on our progress and goals. It was like having your own personal cheerleader, cheering you on each week and that really helped me in working towards my weekly goals and to stay motivated.  Deb took the time to answer any questions that I had and if I didn't understand something she was discussing or wasn't sure how to use a tool, she would go through it step by step.She really helped me grow over the last 8 weeks and has motivated me to put myself out there more and not be afraid of picking up the phone and making a call.Deb's energy, personality and vast knowledge was truly outstanding. I recommend any new agent take this course. It really will help you build the confidence and know-how to grow your business. Thank you Deb for being a wonderful teacher and mentor. It really has meant so much to me as I start this new career!Thank you,Angelina Chrisemer 

Angelina C
19 Months ago

After completing the 60 Days to Success Program with Deb, I feel enthusiastic and confident about launching my real estate career. Deb’s teaching style made the program both educational and enjoyable. She was always encouraging, supportive and eager to celebrate all of our successes along the way. 

Nancy C
20 Months ago

Deb was super personable and professional...she communicated not only what we wanted to hear but what we did not want to hear...this led to making the best informed decisions throughout the process. Highly recommend!

John I
22 Months ago

Deb and Bob were great. They listened to us, guided us well in making decisions, worked closely with us to prepare an excellent strategy to sell our home and were always available when we had questions. They were so easy and pleasant to work with. Our meetings with them were so enjoyable that we always looked forward to welcoming them into our home. We would highly recommend them to anyone selling or buying a home.

Debora H
24 Months ago